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Brand, Meet Lean.

Discover the winning relationship with your audience.

The Lean Brand is the first book to apply the rigor of Lean Startup to the marketing black-box of brand development. Learn how to move fast, reduce risk, experiment often, and create value-based passionate relationships with your audience.

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“Gardner grabs hold of brand and gives it a good yank, redefining it as the relationship between an organization and its audience. If you appreciate the principles of lean management, read this provocative book.”

Marty Neumeier

Author The Brand Gap and Director of Transformation for Liquid Agency.

"The problem with most approaches to branding is that they get in their own way. They've managed to make the work of managing and building brands more opaque, more complicated, and less accessible. The Lean Brand takes the opposite approach: a manageable and understandable set of concepts, tools, and methodologies to make informed brand decisions."

Randy Hunt

Creative Director, Etsy

"Applying the Lean Brand methodology to software development and strategy has resulted in great positive responses externally from our customers and internally from our team."

Randy Apuzzo

CEO of Zesty.io

"Branding is the last bastion of old school, unaccountable marketing practices. But no more. The Lean Brand brings branding into our new world of value-creation, meaningful relationships with customers, and data-informed marketing decisions."

Brant Cooper

Author of, The Lean Entrepreneur

About the Author

Jeremiah Gardner

Jeremiah Gardner is an author, speaker, lean brand practitioner, and bulldog lover. He helps startups, entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 organizations reframe the way they think about brand innovation, culture, and leadership. He is the author of The Lean Brand, the first book to apply lean principles to branding, is a sought after speaker, and has been featured in several media outlets including Lifehacker.com, The Guardian, Branding Magazine, and SayDaily. Reach him @JeremiahGardner or http://jeremiahgardner.com.

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