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Learning How To Talk About Yourself

Try, measure, learn, and try again

There is truly nothing harder than learning to "write about yourself / your product" in a way that feels authentic, real and allows people to connect. Unfortunately, the only way to learn how to do that is to try, measur... read more

Kennedy Joy

Welcoming The Youngest Lean Brand Early Adopter

Hoot & Holler! I’m overjoyed to announce the newest edition to our Lean Brand Community: Kennedy Joy Gardner. At 14 days old, she is officially the youngest Lean Brand Early Adopter and the youngest Lean Innova... read more

The Lean Brand Launch Tour Presentation

Remix, Rework, and Reuse

For The Lean Brand Launch Tour, hundreds of founders, intrapreneurs, and entrepreneurs came out in support of a new way of brand innovation. We're happy to share the presentation that Jeremiah Gardner and Brant Cooper ga... read more

Eliminate Branding Waste, Practice Brand Innovation

Introducing: The Lean Brand Lab

Thousands of startups struggle to build passionate relationships with their audience. That’s because they spend way too much time and effort on things that simply don’t matter to their audience. The perfect l... read more


Focus. Focus. Focus

(This is it! The final Lean Brand tip of the campaign and the last day for you to pre-order your book.) Focus. Focus. Focus. These are the three most important words when it comes to lean branding. Your greatest advantag... read more

Last Chance To Pre-Order

Join The Lean Brand Story

This is it! The last day of the pre-order campaign. What an incredible rollercoaster the past 28 days have been. (In fact, I think I'll need a full blog post just to process it all). So far, over 400 people have become E... read more


Fail often, fail fast.

In the old way, branding was way too much about polish. Today, branding isn’t about polish, it’s about discovering shared value. Failure is a natural part of that journey. Don’t be afraid of failure. Em... read more

THE Minimum Viable Brand CANVAS

Lean Brand Stack: Build Your MVB

THE MVB CANVAS A Minimum Viable Brand gives a starting point for brand iteration by looking at the overarching themes of a brand as the primary driver for its development – story, artifact, and invitation. The Mini... read more


Start small → validate → scale

To build a sustainable brand, start small and run experiments to either validate or invalidate the elements you’re building. Iterative brand development isn't about the "big reveal" but about the next step. If they... read more


Learn, learn, learn.

Everything you do in your brand-formation should be about learning. Ask yourself: 1) What do we need to learn?2) How will we measure success or failure?3) What do we need to build at a minimum level to generate learning?... read more

Top 5 Lean Brand Tips: #5

Build Relationships Now

Don’t wait until your product is ready. Don’t wait until you have your “identity system” together. Don’t wait until you have a logo. Start building relationships now in any way you can think... read more

The difference between brand and identity

[This article was originally published on Brandisty.] A question that seems to come up a lot in brand development is, “what’s the difference between a logo, identity and a brand?” After all, people ofte... read more

Table of Contents

A Sneak Peek Behind The Lean Brand

PART I: THE SHIFT CHAPTER 1: WHAT IS A BRAND? Any productive discussion about brand should begin with a clear understanding of what we mean by the term, “brand.” Chapter 1 explores the definition of brand and... read more

Book Trailer

A Conversation With Jeremiah Gardner & Brant Cooper

The Lean Brand Book Trailer: Pre-Order Campaign Rewards: Reward Highlights Early Adopter Package: Limited to only 100 – Get your name printed in the book in every edition, forever as a Lean Brand Early Adopter! ... read more

Pre-Order Campaign Rewards

Get Exclusive Rewards With Your Pre-Order

Reward Highlights Early Adopter Package: Limited to only 100 – Get your name printed in the book in every edition, forever as a Lean Brand Early Adopter! Series-A Package: Get the Lean Brand Launch Kit + a 60 min... read more

Claim Your Place as a Lean Brand Early Adopter

Watch How You Can Be Listed in the Acknowledgments—Forever.

Watch this announcement on the upcoming pre-order campaign for The Lean Brand Early Adopters. Pre-Order-Campaign starts on Tuesday, May 13th and runs through June 11th. Early Adopters, watch how you can be listed in ackn... read more

The Myth of the Brand Genius

[Originally Published in Branding Magazine] Today, we live in a world defined more by Google than General Motors. We are in a period of human history characterized by a shift away from an industrial mindset to a much mor... read more