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Great brands do more than just satisfy customers, they create passionate ones.

Thousands of startups, entrepreneurs, and enterprise corporations struggle to build passionate relationships with their audience. That’s because the practice of branding has devolved into clever wordplay, spinning, distraction, and pricey deliverables. Companies who buy into the old way miss out on the most crucial element for their success – a relationship based on shared value.

Today, great brands must do more than just spin, wow, or satisfy their customers, they must create passionate ones.

The Lean Brand teaches you how to build that relationship in a validated, iterative way. A passionate audience has connected to something more than just a product with a specific feature set, or a clever ad campaign. They’ve engaged with who an organization is at its core and participates in the journey toward shared value.

As the first book to apply lean principles to brand development to teach you how to develop meaningful relationships with your audience based on a shared journey of value creation. The Lean Brand will teach you:

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Why Write a Book?

The Lean Brand was written to move our thinking, understanding, and practice of brand development forward. In short, The Lean Brand is about brand innovation. The intention is to to help innovative startups, enterprises, and entrepreneurs fully develop emotional-value in their brand development efforts because truly great brands aren’t strategically imagined ahead of time, they’re discovered through experimentation, iteration, and validation on-the-go.

Who Is It For?

The Lean Brand joins and deepens the Lean Startup movement to contribute a framework for startups to integrate your brand development into the activities and ideas you’re already employing as a lean startup. Whereas The Lean Startup and The Lean Entrepreneur provide techniques to create innovative products, The Lean Brand focuses on developing innovative relationships. When combined, the ideas and practices expressed in The Lean Startup, The Lean Entrepreneur, and The Lean Brand provide a dynamic platform for innovation and creation in our new marketplace.


The Lean Brand framework is about discovery. Through a process of solidifying your assumptions into hypotheses, you will learn to experiment to find validated learning in a "live" environment.

Lean branding uses an iterative and validated approach to the development of the relationship between an organization and an audience. The framework will introduce you to new concepts like the Emotional-Value Hypothesis, a Minimum Viable Brand and Product-Market-Brand Fit. The Lean Brand framework combines both theory and tools to provide an immediately useful framework for brand innovation and growth.


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