(This is it! The final Lean Brand tip of the campaign and the last day for you to pre-order your book.)

Focus. Focus. Focus. These are the three most important words when it comes to lean branding. Your greatest advantage as a startup is your ability to focus.

The danger is rarely to focus too much, but to focus to little. Focus your brand-formation efforts around a small, powerful shared aspiration and work hard to articulate that in the market.

An unfocused brand attempts to become “all things to all people,” making you less potent and powerful in your branding efforts. A focused brand, in contrast, knows exactly what it is, why it’s valuable, and why people connect to it.

There are countless startups who have got this right. I had the privilege of getting to talk with a few of them to hear about how they were able to create successful relationships with their audiences out of their initial brand-formation activities.

I'm excited to highlight (for the first time) the amazing companies who lent their insight, ideas, and stories as case studies for the book:

The Lean Brand Case Studies

I'll obviously be talking a lot more about these companies in the days to come, but I'm happy to announce their involvement with The Lean Brand.